Friday, 31 December 2010

South West Christmas Jumble / Happy New Year!

80's dead stock clip-ons

Love this 60's Spanish tiered dress, I always imagine that it would look so great on the catwalk, if anyone knows any supermodels who'd like to buy it let me know!

Here's the pictures from the South West Christmas jumble, it's held in one of the most eclectic settings the Tooting Tram and Social, there are so many vintage frames, cupboards, cabinets and lamps dotted up, down and around it's a true feast for the vintage senses! The jumble always features a great assortment of goodies from homemade cakes to handmade blankets, pillows, confetti, gourmet chocolates and vintage finds of course! It's a great day out (especially if you want to take someone who isn't into vintage as much as yourself because you get the best of both worlds here) Plus all of the door proceeds and our stall holding fees going to a different charity every time, a super win-win.

The sale wasn't as busy as expected perhaps because it was in the last couple of weeks in the run up to Christmas, it's really the nature of the business, but if you love what you do then you'll keep doing it. I seem to be quite lucky, even though I have traded at venues that haven't been that busy I have still made a profit at each place and it's a great feeling. I spend so much time looking for items to sell and never put anything on my stall that I wouldn't wear or use myself so making a sale is like a mini approval and it's great to know that people like what I like! I love meeting other stall holders, owning my own business and meeting all of those vintage fiends who like us love to look for great stuff, care for and understand the value of vintage items. I will definitely start to trade on Etsy this year so I can reach more of you lovelies out there! I have registered my name dearsweetagatha and to get that up and running is in my top priority list of top priority things! Haha!

Look out for the next South West Jumble here, though obviously I'll keep you updated!

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