Saturday, 11 December 2010


With Christmas coming up I have been looking for some vintage baubles for the tree that I will have in my room. I had been trying to source some from the charity/thrift stores that I had visited but never found an actual set of decorations and after having looked on Ebay at the prices these were going for I definitely gave up hope of having any this year!

Very early last year outside a secondhand furniture/house clearance store I had seen a huge white 60's suitcase full of vintage Christmas decorations laid out along with most of an old lady's entire life possessions. At the time I decided not to buy the lot due to a lack of space and need, however I can assure you I had been kicking myself (very hard!) up until a few days ago when I found these beauties in a charity shop that I stumbled upon by chance! They look like they're from the late 50's to early 60's, the one's with the gold glitter are made of coloured see-through glass (in a dark green, blue and red) and are just Christmassy-magical. Finds such as these are extremely, extremely rare in London due to the amount of people in the city not only after vintage finds but also the sheer turn around of goods in and out of the stores as with any major city. So it bought great joy to my heart finding these and I was especially excited as they are still in all of their original packaging including the tissue paper! So a great big 'THANK YOU!' to whoever donated these to the store. I heart these and shall cherish them forever.

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